Sole By Style (SBS) stands as a retail/consignment establishment, specializing in the exhibition of rare and limited edition sneakers, streetwear, and accessories within a modern setting. Originating online in 2016 and establishing a physical presence in Summer 2018 at 45 W 7th St. in Covington, Kentucky, Sole By Style has evolved into a cultural center for sneaker enthusiasts. Here, coveted merchandise finds a platform for buying, selling, trading, and consigning.

Our platform prioritizes convenience and offers sellers competitive consignment fees. Learn more HERE. Drawing inspiration from the distinctive styles of LA and New York boutiques, both our in-store and online spaces boast a diverse array of premium products and a curated selection of multi-brand apparel and footwear. Featuring exclusive brands like Jordan, Nike, adidas, New Balance, Chrome Hearts, Gallery Dept, Hellstar, Vertabrae, Off-White, Supreme, Palace, Vlone, Anti Social Social Club, BAPE, and more, we guarantee the authenticity of every item in our store.

Our commitment to fellow sneaker enthusiasts is evident in our approach. We aim to provide a seamless experience, offering incentives and early release opportunities, sparing our customers from the hassle of early wake-ups or long lines. If you value your time, Sole By Style is your ultimate destination. As Greater Cincinnati's premier exclusive sneaker and streetwear haven, we prioritize authenticity and elevate the shopping experience for enthusiasts.

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